AMPLcalc - An Ampleforth ROI calculator

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What is this about?

Ampleforth is not a stable coin. It is a primitive like BTC and ETH (zero collateral).

AMPL is an elastic supply digital currency which adjusts supply daily based on market conditions. In short, above $1.06 the supply expands (called a rebase). There is no airdrop, you are buying a % of supply, so every day at 10pm est there is a supply change and your wallet balance changes. The same is true if the price goes below $0.96 - your token amount in your wallet will reduce, but your % of supply stays the same. This creates incentives for traders to buy and sell as the supply expands and contracts and eventually brings the price back to $1.

This can make it complicated to calculate your returns and profits, so we made this simple calculator.

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Ampleforth ROI calculator

Use the ADD BUY and ADD SELL buttons to add additional transactions.

For each row, select a date and either the amount of USD spent, or the number of AMPLs you bought and the missing value will be calculated. Or you can also specify both values yourself if you bought at a specific price.

Date $ AMPL
Date #AMPL $ Rebase ROI

Prices in USD. Historical prices are somewhen during the day, last price is the very current price.

How to buy and trade AMPL

You can either use an exchange that directly trades AMPL:

or you can use Ethereum coins at Uniswap to exchange for AMPL tokens. Some recommended exchanges are:

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